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Posted on by Deo Bernard Cagunot

Win some girlfriend brownie points with these fashion tips for the boys.

Nerdy/Dorky T-shirts
Sure, they’re nerdy. Some won’t find it amusing. But if you’re girl is the type who binge-watches The Big Bang Theory or knows her fair share of comic book superheroes, she’ll find your Darth Vader custom shirt absolutely adorable.

A tailored suit
Channel your inner James Bond with a crisp and perfectly-fitting suit. Forget the baggy styles from the 90’s. And don’t go overboard with too-tight-a-fit either. A true dapper look can only be achieved if your suit is tailor-fit and meant exactly for your physique.

Prescription-style Glasses
Seeing LeBron James give a talk at a conference while wearing nerdy-looking glasses made me realize how simple tweaks like that elevate the message you want to convey. He was wearing a suit and addressing a serious-looking crowd. His glasses made him look extra smart and serious. The lesson? Don’t hesitate to wear these if you want to add a dash of seriousness in your outfit.

Rolled-up button down shirt
Men wearing shirts with sleeves rolled up conveys an aura of masculinity. In fact, the “rolling of sleeves” is generally done when you’re about to do something that might get you sweating and all dirty. This is perhaps the reason behind its “hidden appeal” to women.

The hit TV series, “Doctor Who”, featured the main protagonist in a bow tie. In fact, one episode had his friend asking him why he always wears them. His answer? “Bow ties are cool”. There’s something formal yet playful about them. And with the right elements, you might just pull off a charming Dr. Who style that will surely hit it home with your girl.

Chambray shirt
These are soft, long-sleeved shirts mostly used for casual styles. Its main draw? It’s relaxed and no-nonsense appeal. The fact that it’s flexible enough for both formal and casual occasions makes it a must to have at least a pair or two in your wardrobe.

Plain White Tee
About as casual as you can get. It has a “don’t care” attitude that’s perfect for men who don’t care to bother about looking dapper. And if you’re leaning on the buff side, a plain white tee on a muscular body will draw your girl’s eyes faster than you can take off your shirt.

Street-approved. When you feel like kicking it hood-style. Score extra points on your girl if she digs this style.

Faded, vintage style jeans
Any man should have this on their wardrobe. It looks good with a lot of things. Try it with your custom shirt of choice.

Kicks with a kick
They say that men actually spend more on their shoes than girls. Whether its high-flyin kicks or dapper brown leather shoes, you should always have a solid pair or two for every occasion.

A nice watch
Men don't really accessorize that much. That's why it's important to not scrimp on a nice watch, it's the only thing we can really spend on outside of clothes. Get the best you can afford.