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Posted on by Deo Bernard Cagunot

There’s a reason why dogs have been dubbed as man’s best friend. When you get home, they greet you as if you’ve been missing for a year. Our old dog, who we fondly called “Tenok”, used to do this when someone opens the door. He’ll shower you with licks and kisses as if there’s no tomorrow. So no matter how awful my day was, there was always someone to greet me and make my day more bearable.

Dogs are also the best walking buddies. See, I love to walk. Whether it’s a simple stroll to the park or a quick errand to the store, it makes the trip more enjoyable when you let them tag along. Did you know that a study published by the "International Journal of Workplace Health Management” stated that bringing dogs to work can actually help relieve stress? Might be the same reason why I want Tenok to always come along.

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Even a car ride in the most horrendous traffic is a bit more bearable with a dog. Instead of muttering to myself how wrong my decision to drive to the mall on a weekend is, I have Tenok to pat and play with. They simply calm us down. In fact, the American Heart Associated once said that owning a dog decreases the risk of heart disease. Cool, huh?

Aside from being the best snuggle buddies, dogs also teach us to have more empathy. Ever noticed how they seem to be willing to put aside differences even with their mortal enemies just so everyone can get along? I have, one time. My cousin dropped by to have me take care of his dog for a couple of days. Not having enough space, I tied his dog near Tenok’s spot. The first day was brutal. Non-stop fighting between the two. Day 2 was less intense though. On day 3, they seem to have gotten tired of arguing and simply ignored each other. On this last day, the other dog was even playing with Tenok.

And no matter how ridiculous and rowdy they may be sometimes, who could resist those adorable faces? It’s hard to stay mad at them (even after chewing out our throw pillows, again) with those puppy eyes.

I guess it’s kinda obvious now that I love dogs, huh? Yup, I absolutely do. And this month of October, one of the premier online outlets for COOTD, pays tribute to these funny and loyal fellas who are always there for us no matter what. If you can’t bring them with you, why not wear them with you?

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