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Posted on by Deo Bernard Cagunot

Let’s face it: there’s only a finite number of times you can wear a shirt before it starts looking like a sad, old rag.

Here are 5 tips on how to take better care of your shirts so they’ll always look spanking new.

Tip #1. Always read the care label on the inside of the t shirt and follow instructions.

read the label of your shirtLike owning any new shiny gadget or device, we should make it a habit to read and follow the wash instructions on our shirts. A quick check at the label will give you all information you need. It also tells you what type of fabric the shirt is made of and how it should be ironed. It only takes about a minute but definitely helps in prolonging the pristine condition of your T-shirt. 

Tip #2: Don't use bleach, use color-safe versions

It's a fact: bleach kills color. That stuff is so strong you should only consider using it if you're working on really tough stains. I personally double-checkdon't use bleach if the fabric can handle it as I think cotton-based ones are simply too delicate for it. The good thing is that there are color-safe versions of bleach that tone the strength down and make it absolutely shirt-friendly no matter what the type of fabric it uses.

Tip #3: Always turn your printed t shirt inside out before putting it inside the washing machine

Why do this? Because reversing clothes before you wash them keeps the prints safe as it won't rub with the fabric of other clothes. All that tumbling (which is pretty powerful) during the washing process cleans dirt and grime but it can also shorten the lifespan of the prints.

Tip #4 Iron the printed tshirt inside out

I make it a point to do this no matter what type of fabric or paint the t-shirt has. It's just a no-brainer. You're literally applying direct heat that is enough to melt the paint away from the prints. Trust me, even though the printing looks like it can stand ironing, just don't. Continuous application of heat will keep its lifespan shorter. And in some instances, it melts and rips the print off the shirt in an instant - messing both the iron and shirt.

Tip #5 Wardrobe rotation is key

Prevention is better than cure, as they say. So why not get several clothes instead to lessen the frequency of washing? Makes sense, right? Because no matter how careful you are with your clothes, if you only have a few items, you will still decrease its lifespan significantly through constant wash and wear. You don't have to buy a ton of clothes. Just make sure that each one gets used fairly often. By using each item in equal frequency, you're able to prolong their lifespan.