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Posted on by Deo Bernard Cagunot

If you were asked to choose between a brand name, ready-made suit and a tailored one, which one will you pick?

That's right. Who would want an off-the-rack piece when you can have a customized one fit exactly for you, right?

See, people like novelty. We love being unique. We love standing out. This holds especially true when it comes to fashion.

I mean, why choose to look generic when you can get something that truly personifies your affinity? I’d pick a tailored suit over a more expensive off-the-rack set. Why? Because a tailored suit will have the following elements: my choice of cut, length, fabric, and style.

What will an off-the-rack suit get me? Except for its brand name (which people never asks anyway), you essentially force yourself into “fitting” into that suit. You’re the one adjusting, which is not the right way of wearing a suit.

Wearing a t-shirt personalized to your liking is like wearing a tailored suit. It’s your own style. It’s your own “brand”. It’s what suits you best.

And it doesn’t stop there. If you want to know why T-shirt personalized to people’s preferences is still a hit, read on.

Spreading a message

Ever seen those charity T-shirts given away during events? Or those for-a-cause clothing when promoting a campaign? These are perfect examples of effective marketing through personalized T-shirts.

Making a statement

“One Love”, “Save the Trees”, “Unite!”---Just a few examples of messages being conveyed through creative shirt designs. And it’s not just for spreading “serious” statements. You’ve probably seen plenty of humorous ones being worn around.

Catchy and unique

If you have an idea or personal design that you want to share with others, wearing it on a shirt is a surefire way of spreading it. Using playful colors and graphics, be it simple or complex, a T-shirt is an excellent canvass for expressing your unique ideas with everyone. You’ve probably seen a lot of shirts with just plain text as design but hilariously funny with its message, right? With the right idea, a personalized T-shirt will have a greater impact compared to a brand name one.

A way to advertise

You see these everywhere. Sales reps in malls donning their brand’s name on their shirts. Politician’s faces printed right straight on the fabric. Team buildings. For marketing campaigns and promotional materials. Personalized T-shirts provides a great medium for promoting a cause or a brand.

Inexpensive and versatile

The best part? Personalized T-shirts aren’t too expensive to produce and you’re almost always guaranteed that people will want it. Why? Because it's something that your customers truly identify and connect with. The designs are a reflection of their taste, a mirror of their personality. Compare that to generic shirts which offer zero amount of customization, personalized T-shirts will almost always win especially with the right market.